Print Resources on Copyright and Publishing Rights

Clark's Publishing Agreements (11th Edition)

Edited by Lynette Owen
Bloomsbury Professional, 2022

Clark's Publishing Agreements has long been the 'must have' legal resource for the publishing industry. This comprehensive book provides 25 model agreements, from author agreements to merchandising rights to online licensing to e-book distribution to text and data mining.

Publishing Law (5th Edition) 

Hugh Jones, Christopher Benson
Routledge, 2016

Publishing Law is an authoritative and engaging guide to a wide range of legal issues affecting publishing today.

Selling Rights (8th Edition)

Lynette Owen
Routledge, 2019

Selling Rights has firmly established itself as the leading guide to all aspects of rights sales and co-publications throughout the world. The eighth edition is substantially updated to illustrate the changes in rights in relation to new technologies and legal developments in the UK and the rest of the world.

Laddie, Prescott and Vitoria: The Modern Law of Copyright (5th Edition)

Michael Tappin, Daniel Alexander, Charlotte May, Adrian Speck, Iona Berkeley, Lindsay Lane, James Whyte, Quentin Cregan, Jaani Riordan, Isabel Jamal
LexisNexis Butterworths, 2018

Laddie, Prescott and Vitoria is an authority on all issues that are important to those practising in the field of copyright. The well-respected title is replete with worked examples and in-depth discussions, and it contains all the historical and contextual material needed to ensure practitioners are expertly briefed in this complex and fast-moving area of law.

A User's Guide to Copyright

Michael Flint, Clive Thorne, Jonathan Cornthwaite
Bloomsbury Professional, 2017

A User's Guide to Copyright, Seventh Edition is long established as one of the key texts in the field. Renowned for its practical, user-friendly and authoritative approach and for its practical application to the main copyright using industries, the book is considered essential reading for legal practitioners, copyright law students and - crucially - for those working in the copyright using industries.

Copinger & Skone James on Copyright (18th Edition)

Nicholas Caddick, QC; Gwilym Harbottle
Sweet and Maxwell, 2019

A leading text in its field,Copinger & Skone James on Copyright offers thorough and comprehensive coverage of the main aspects of copyright and connected rights. This Second Supplement to the 18th edition has been extensively rewritten to take account of the latest legislative and case law developments. The title takes a subject-by-subject approach to take you through Copyright, Rights in Performances, Rights in Designs, Moral Rights and a variety of Miscellaneous Rights.