Print Resources on Copyright and Publishing Rights

Clark's Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents (10th Edition)

Lynette Owen
Bloomsbury Professional, 2017

Publishing Law (5th Edition) 

Hugh Jones, Christopher Benson
Routledge, 2016

Selling Rights (8th Edition)

Lynette Owen
Routledge, 2019

Laddie, Prescott and Vitoria: The Modern Law of Copyright (5th Edition)

Michael Tappin, Daniel Alexander, Charlotte May, Adrian Speck, Iona Berkeley, Lindsay Lane, James Whyte, Quentin Cregan, Jaani Riordan, Isabel Jamal
LexisNexis Butterworths, 2018

A User's Guide to Copyright

Michael Flint, Clive Thorne, Jonathan Cornthwaite
Bloomsbury Professional, 2017

Copinger & Skone James on Copyright (17th Edition, 2nd Supplement)

Nicholas Caddick, QC; Gwilym Harbottle
Sweet and Maxwell, 2019